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Can we visit the Jersey Fresh farm?2023-04-20T05:39:11+00:00

We don’t conduct farm tours however you can visit our mate James at Newkree Farm for an educational and interactive experience. Head over to their website for information on tours and bookings at newkreefarm.com.au


Is Jersey Fresh milk A2?2022-03-16T02:52:54+00:00

Our cows have not been tested for the A2 gene, for further information on this, check out our blog post.

Is Jersey Fresh milk pasteurised?2022-02-21T03:18:04+00:00

Yes, Australian law prohibits the sale of unpasteurised dairy products.

What is homogenisation and why isn’t Jersey Fresh milk homogenised?2022-02-21T03:18:16+00:00

Homogenisation is a process that breaks up the fat and protein in milk so that the milk and cream are one homogenous product. We feel that this is an unnecessary process so we have chosen to share a product with our customers which is as natural as possible.

Why Jersey Cows?2022-02-21T03:18:27+00:00

Jersey cows are a calm, small framed cow making them relatively easy to handle. They also produce the most amazing milk, high in butterfat and protein … and flavour!

Is your milk organic?2022-02-21T03:18:39+00:00

Jersey Fresh milk is not organic. We use sustainable farming methods and minimal chemicals with the intention of making the soil healthier for the next generation of farmers and cows.

Where are your products processed and packaged?2022-02-21T03:18:48+00:00

All our products are processed and packed on farm in our ‘shipping container’ factory. Milk is gravity fed directly from the dairy vats.

Why isn’t there an ingredients list on your milk and cream?2022-02-21T03:18:57+00:00

Our products have no additives at all, just pure, honest milk and cream.

Are Jersey Fresh products good for making butter, cheese and yoghurt?2022-02-21T03:19:05+00:00

Absolutely! Our products are as close to straight from the cow as you can get so they are great for the budding home cheesemaker.

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