Like sports fans and car lovers, dairy farmers can be very ‘one eyed’ to a particular breed of cows.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Each breed has its own unique traits and look that catch the eye or heart of a farmer and heaven forbid that you tell them otherwise.

So, what makes Jerseys so special to us?

We could start by talking about their temperament, small-statured and easy to handle, though slightly sassy and a little bit devious. They tend to view fences as a suggestion more than a hard and fast rule and boy can they run when they realise that they are free. Jerseys are also famous for those big brown eyes and kind faces.

But that’s not the only reason.

We can’t talk Jerseys without thinking about why they were chosen as the breed of choice to come out to Australia with the first fleet. This compact cow was the ideal breed for a long voyage, Jerseys are adaptable, hardy and calve easily with minimal fuss. The original herd of nine (seven cows, 2 bulls) managed to escape and survived in the bush for six years, building their numbers up to a herd of 61 before they were captured. That’s TOUGH! But not the only reason why these animals are so special to us.

Let’s talk about the milk they make. Jerseys don’t give as many litres of milk per day as the larger breeds but what they lack in volume, they make up for in flavour. Jersey milk is naturally high in butterfat and protein which makes for a sweet, creamy milk that needs no embellishment. Jersey milk makes some of the best cream, butter, ice cream and cheese in the country.


But what makes our Carcoola Jerseys special to us? They represent 40+ years of hard work and breeding to make the quiet little achievers that stand in our paddocks today. Animal welfare and herd health are such an integral part of everything that we do because our cows are so special to us, and we just want to give them the best life that we can for the time that they are entrusted in our care.

Our small cows really are a GOOD THING!